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Green Kambanite Park, Sofia

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Location:Kambanite area, Sofia
Status: Project 2017
Client: Goldhurst Real Estate
Total Built-up area: 72.500 m² 

Green Kambanite Housing Estate is situated in the South part of Sofia, at the foot of Vitosha Mountain. It’s a large mixed use scheme, consisting of more than 400 housing units in 3-storeyed houses and low-rise blocks of flats, kindergarten, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, coffee shops and local stores.

The Master Plan aims to create a sustainable built environment, which combines the premises of living in a house with the efficiency of the urban structures. The highly varied terrain allows the design of different housing types. Two ranges of low rise high-density housing terraces enclose a shared continuous public space in the middle of the plot. There people can walk, meet and communicate, while enjoying the nature. The terraces are flanked by small blocks of flats to the East and detached houses facing a small river to the West. Step-back housing groups take the advantage of the steepest slopes overlooking the landscape.

Each of the houses has a small front garden, a garage or parking place and a private back yard. Living and dining rooms are on the ground floor, open to the outdoor space. There are 3-4 bedrooms with bathrooms and closets on the upper floors. The top floor provides beautiful view from the large roof terrace.

There are 6-7 flats in each of the town houses. The apartments vary from 1 to 3 bedrooms. Those on the ground floor enjoy their private gardens, the others have large balconies. The largest flats are located on the top floor with large green roof terraces. There is a semi underground parking for all flats.

Through repetition of the basic units laid out in manifold configurations, the dwellings and the landscape interlink in continuous pattern in which private and public can be brought together in a balanced way.

About us

Founded as a private partnership between the architects Milena Nanova and Plamen Mihaylov in 2006 in Sofia, Bulgaria, STUDIO 17.5-M has now established its presence as a respected and valued architectural practice. For more than 12 years the company has built an excellent reputation for its experience in the design of shopping and entertainment centers, office buildings and hotels. We have also a longterm recognition for our residential projects.


Service List

STUDIO 17,5-M has a longterm experience in design, consultation and design management. The proficiency of the partners enables the company to provide full set of services to the client – from planning and investment opportunities investigation, to design development and  tender documentation preparation, construction drawings, site supervision, design management and coordination between all engineering specialists.

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